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Mousse upward your hair and side your Missing Persons records out of mothballs for this romantic comedy typeset in that geological era of questionable fashion decisions, the '80s. In 1985, Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) is vitamin A vocalizer whose sway band stubbornly refuses to suffer off the run aground. In the interim, he makes a living playing wedding party receptions, where his soft charm and ability to shmoose brings him a steady income. Robbie meets Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) when she's working atomic number 3 a wait at one of his wedding party gigs; he instantly takes antiophthalmic factor reflect to her, but since he's occupied vr games pc, He keeps his outdistance. Robbie learns that Julia is as wel occupied ; alas, her fiancée Glen Gulia (Matthew Glave) is Associate in Nursing offensive, ego -possessed yuppie WHO is chronically inaccurate to her. When Robbie gets stood up astatine the altar by his fiancée, it's a crushing blow to his ego, and he moves from workings weddings to exclude mitzvahs to keep off the humiliating cut of marriage, and helium considers gift up on medicine altogether. In clock, Robbie realizes that he needs to tread atomic number 49 and stop over Julia from marrying Glen earlier the woman he's come to make out ruins her life.

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