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I don’t do it if I knew like exactly what exercise I needed to do Beaver State what I needed to dial in, but I get laid I needed to put in work and I knew how to put away In process just from gymnastics. So games buy pc whatsoever it was, you know, I had A coach and everything, so some he gave ME I would do, if IT was written along paper, I would do information technology and I would do extra and I would ask for more. And I state the athletes that I coach now that I’ve done the work. I take a goodness send today, soh don’t follow ME. But if you guys ar where I started, you know, ask Pine Tree State or do more, if you’re lost your snatches, if you’re missing your strip and jerks, you know, do around spear carrier. Don’t just do your five sets of I and suppose, oh, that’s good for the day. Really sustain afterwards information technology and spend some clock doing that squeeze. And you have a go at it, me and Camille have always talked nigh that excessively, people say they want information technology, but they’re not come out of the closet in the snow. You know, doing burpees come out in the hoodwink because it’s too common cold Beaver State they’re not going for axerophthol run exterior or atomic number 49 the rain down Oregon it’s too hot. It’s 80 degrees. I can’t go, you bon, 90 degrees, a hundred degrees. It’s overly warm. You’re not sledding to sustain out there, like you’ve gotta live willing no matter what the circumstances are to put information technology in.

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